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I'm using the Infovis library to plot a spacetree.

Unfortunately there is a problem when implementing event on nodes as all nodes are false.

There already is a thread about it on the associated google group:!topic/javascript-information-visualization-toolkit/NJtbe9hq5bQ

The solution given was to fix the 'contains' in NodeTypes:

I copy-pasted the new NodeTypes implementations, unfortunately it's still not working (nodes are still all false).

Any idea?

Edit: it's possible to do something close by creating a label on plot of the nodes.

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This is a known bug as stated in the question, so only two solutions:

  1. correcting the library as shown on line 1370 of Spacetree.js
  2. using a work-around

I managed to implement the desired functionality by creating a label using the onPlot option for each node.

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This is great thank you. The improved code from #1 worked perfectly. – Eric H. Sep 19 '12 at 19:17

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