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I have a Java project in Eclipse which builds with apache maven.

The problem is that the project doesn´t compile correcly because of the gettext function missing.

So I did some search and installed gettext as follows:

Download Gettext from : http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/

Run these commands

tar -zxf gettext-
cd  gettext-

Then in the gettext- run these commands

 sudo make install

Unfortunately this doesn´t solves my problem.

I also found something about patching gettext on lion here: https://gist.github.com/1014218 But I don´t really understand what to do here and am not even sure if this would fix my problem.

If I try to compile my project in the terminal with the command:

§ maven compile

I get this warning:

[INFO] [gettext:dist {execution: convert-po-class}]
[INFO] Processing de/de.po
[WARNING] msgfmt --java2 -d /.../workspace/target/classes -r **.**.**.**.Translation -l de /.../workspace/po/de/de.po

(... and ** are for privacy reasons)

(In Eclipse also changed the builder from java builder to maven. And if I try to run the project in eclipse and not in the terminal I get this Error:

 NoClassDefFoundError: org/xnap/commons/i18n/I18nFactory


Edit: I also found this link: http://code.google.com/p/rudix/source/detail?r=0e7c428f9609

But I can´t even find the documents there who I am told to change.

Please help

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I18nFactory is a class from the gettext commons library, so you need to add it to your project's classpath/dependencies. You can find it here along some code snippets and a maven configuration example.

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