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I am currently starting to test my javascipt code and I now have a problem I am not able to solve. I have a Backbone App (AMD/requirejs driven) and I use Mocha (Sinon, Chai, ...) for BDD testing - this basically wraps up my setup.

Let's say we are talking about this class

class MyApp extends App
    init: ->

    initControllers: ->
        new HeaderController()
        new NavController()

To the the first method init, I can write the following testcase

before ...

describe 'init', ->

    it 'should call @initControllers', ->
        spy = sinon.spy(@myInstance, 'initControllers')

this works pretty good. but now I'd like to test, if the second method initControllers actually creates new instances of HeaderController and NavController

How can I achieved that? I am stuck with that right now and I am a little bit confused because I start thinking of it not to be the right way to call those controllers.

Any help appreciated

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Have you tried instrumenting the initialize method in HeaderController and NavController? – mu is too short Jun 4 '12 at 15:38

I was really confused, but @mu-is-to-short probably gave me the right hint

I did it like this now:

describe '@initControllers', ->
    it 'should call HeaderController', ->
        headerController = new HeaderController()
        spy = sinon.spy(headerController.__proto__, 'initialize')

It works for me, would that be the right approach? Thanks anyway

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