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I have an application that is a mix of plain old servlets and Struts2. There is a search page which is used throughout the application, so I made it as a generic page. Several search pages just include the generic page using jsp:include.

Problem: I have one page that is being refereed by about 100 other pages like so:

<a href="/reports/reportA/selectionPageA.jsp">Report Selection </a>

This is a simple jsp page that does not use struts2 but I want this page to include the generic search page (which uses struts2). So I made a mapping in struts.xml like so because the generic search page requires several things to be built, using GenericReportSelection, prior to displaying the page:

<package name="reportA" extends="struts-default" namespace="/reportA">
    <action name="selectReportA" class="GenericReportSelection">

Since I don't want to change other 100 pages I added the following to my Servlet Filter:

if (httpReq.getServletPath().endsWith("selectionPageA.jsp"))
    ((HttpServletResponse) resp).sendRedirect("/myapp/reportA/selectReportA.action");

Question: Is this the right approach to solve this problem? Everything seems to work ok but when I visit this particular page, I am getting certain struts errors suggesting that some "list" methods aren't found. even though on the front end everything looks alright...

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can you show the errros or what all coming on the console ? – Umesh Awasthi Jun 4 '12 at 15:45
No, it's not the right approach. You're adding a new inconsistency and hard to understand and maintain dirty trick to an application that is already inconsistent. Fix the inconsistency, and change those 100 direct links to the JSP. A good search/replace tool will do that in a few microseconds. – JB Nizet Jun 4 '12 at 18:38
figured, I guess I needed to hear that more. Thanks – Anthony Jun 4 '12 at 18:44

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