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Here's some code that does bounds checks at ideone.

It runs successfully with no out of bounds error.

In this code, on line 34 I have changed on readArray to unsafeRead, and it still compiles, but crashes with a stack overflow.

Is this a GHC bug or have I done something wrong?

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unsafeRead uses 0-based indices, so you have to either adjust the index for reading,

elem <- unsafeRead arr (i-1)

or, better, allocate the array with a least index of 0

arr <- newArray (0,upperbound) maxBound

As is, the unsafeRead reads from the wrong place in the array.

Unrelated: I suspect ideone uses a 32-bit GHC, so better don't run the code with upperbound > 100000 there.

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Also note that unsafeRead takes an Int, while readArray takes an Ix, which should be a tip off to something going on... –  sclv Jun 4 '12 at 15:56

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