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I've tried searching forum, but could not find anything that answers my question so I'm asking it here.

Do you know any tool that could make Twitter Bootstrap like documentation?

I know that many uses MD format for documenting code, but we need not only code to be displayed but also how it looks in browser.

In example if I write down <input class="custom-input"/> It shows input field on the right side, just like in bootstraps documentation.

Thank you

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I think they use handmade HTML. You can check the documentation in their GitHub repository: github.com/twitter/bootstrap/tree/master/docs –  Sonson123 Jun 5 '12 at 9:53
Well it's obvious that the end result is simple HTML :) It's also what I would like to get at the end too. And because I could not find anything like that started to make my own tool. A bit later I will put link to it for others to take a look(if anyone will be interesed) –  Vytautas Butkus Jun 6 '12 at 10:26

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I believe they use KSS Style Guides http://warpspire.com/kss/styleguides/ which is a Ruby interface.

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