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My environment:

I'm using nested resources and having trouble figuring out where to declare the decorator.

def show
  @user = UserDecorator.find(params[:id])
  @items = @user.items

def show
  @item = @user.items.find(params[:id])

I tried replacing items with ItemDecorator and it didn't work. Where should I be putting it?

I know that Draper has issues with nested resources in forms, but this isn't a form!

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As far as I've understood your problem correctly, you've a model user which has many items, but your items were not decorated?

So add to your UserDecorator:

class UserDecorator < Draper::Base
  decorates :user
  decorates_association :items #, :with => :item 


class ItemDecorator < Draper::Base
  decorates :item


Have a look on the source.

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