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I am currently working at a web requests project and I am using Apache Http Client library. I try to connect to a server (E.g. with an working Socks v4/5 tested with mozilla firefox but the problem is that I never get a response. Only different errors...

Here is a code snippet:

DefaultHttpClient http = new DefaultHttpClient();
//A class defined by me
Proxy proxy = bla bla;
HttpHost host = new HttpHost(proxy.getIP(), proxy.getPort());
if (proxy.getUsername() != null) {
                            new AuthScope(proxy.getIP(), proxy.getPort()),
                            new UsernamePasswordCredentials(proxy.getUsername(), proxy.getPassword()));
http.getParams().setParameter(ConnRoutePNames.DEFAULT_PROXY, host);

Can anyone tell a proper way to initiate comunnication through SOCKS proxies? Thanks!

Note: The code above works perfect with HTTP proxies.

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what errors u get? – Suraj Chandran Jun 4 '12 at 18:29 Software caused connection abort: recv failed or server unreacheable, etc. BUT if I use the proxy with mozilla it's working. – Ionut Ungureanu Jun 4 '12 at 18:31

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Http proxy and socks proxy has very different protocols ( ). For your question: You can do thTis by native java socket ( How can I configure HTTPClient to authenticate against a SOCKS proxy? ) or create your own implementation over DefaultClientConnectionOperator, here is good guide ( )

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