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I have a private git repository and I would like to extend its access to a member of my team. Will I be able to do it through the Github website? I have the username of my member.

I have tried to do this by going through the admin page of the repository but there isn't such an option as I am not the owner.

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If you are the owner it is simple: go to your repo and click the Admin button. Left menu: Collaborators. Add name.

Source: Github Docs.

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this did not work. it complains about a public key when they try and clone the repo. –  davidjnelson Jul 19 '13 at 6:06
I think, it's Settings button on the right side in your repo as I can't see Admin button for my case. –  Kamrul Jul 24 '13 at 1:45
Since the interface overhaul mid 2013 it is called Settings. –  Arthur Clemens Aug 3 '13 at 0:25

It´s possible via Github Organizations. You have to create a new account.


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Two steps:
1. Login and click "Invite someone" in the right column under "People". Enter and select persons github id.
2. It will then give you the option to "Invite Username to some teams" at which point you simply check off which teams you want to add them to then click "Send Invitation"

1. Get the persons github id (not their email)
2. Navigate to the repository you would like to add the user to
3. Click "Settings" in the right column (not the gearbox settings along the top)
4. Click Collaborators long the left column
5. Select the repository name
6. Where it reads "Invite or add users to team" add the persons github id
7. An invitation will then be e-mailed.

Please let me know how this worked for you!

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Your team members must be accessing the repository using SSH & for that they have to have their ssh key mapped with github account. This will work if they map their ssh key with github account and also the repository has public rights, which they want to access.

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