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Hola he puesto un play button que estaba funcionando OK hasta hace unos días en que sin modificar el código ha empezado a poner en la web Undefined en una lista y Sorry the play list is empty en la otra lista. ¿que ha podido pasar? ¿han cambiado algo?

En el generador de codigo tambien al pegar la URI da error al genera el código. El caso es que ha estado funcionando ok

Intento ahora en inglés (now in english)

Hi, i've put in my web a play button with 2 playlist. Just yesterday was ok, but today give me one error, with the playlist 1 (undefined) and with the playlist 2 (sorry the play list is empty) I dont understand beacause just function was ok but today dont work.

The playlist URI 1: spotify:user:intergus:playlist:1JE2hr6SajHhORx9ecDf8O The playlist URI 2: spotify:user:intergus:playlist:5KyEK1eliShDXUsWDH9W74

Those playlist work ok in spotify.

Please Help me Thanks

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Any luck getting this to work? I still get this problem with the play button... – chris Jun 18 '12 at 6:42

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Spotify's playlist service is currently feeling a bit sad — which is causing all sorts of problems with the play button. If nothing in your code has changed, unfortunately there's nothing you can do but wait it out.

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