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 Array = [ {name:apples, price:3.99, tax:0.20}, 
           {name:oranges, price:1.40, tax:0.15},
           {name:bananas, price:0.99, tax:0.10}, 

How do I run toFixed() on all the "price" values (and not the names, for performance purposes) so that I come up with this:

 Array = [ {name:apples, price:4, tax:0.20}, 
           {name:oranges, price:1, tax:0.15},
           {name:bananas, price:1, tax:0.10}, 

Will I have to go through the loop route?

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Just loop over the array (BTW: never use Array as a variable name):

for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++)
    arr[i].roundedPrice = Math.round(arr[i].price);
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array.forEach(function ( elem ) {
    elem.price = Math.round( elem.price );

Live demo:

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for (var ixFruit = 0; ixFruit < fruits.length; ++ixFruit)
    fruits[ixFruit].price = fruits[ixFruit].price.toFixed();

That seems incredibly simple, not sure how you'd make it simpler.

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