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I have a list like below:

rawinput = ['corp\\asre', 'corp\\banjar', 'corp\\bicknk', 'corp\\daniele']

I want to be able to do

users = []
users = rawinput.split(",")

How do I do this in Python 3.2? Thanks.

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What you have,

rawinput = ['corp\\asre', 'corp\\banjar', 'corp\\bicknk', 'corp\\daniele']

is a list of strings already. You can just iterate through it as a list. You don't need to split anything.

If you had something like this,

rawinput = "corp\\asre, corp\\banjar, corp\\bicknk, corp\\daniele"

rawinput.split(',') would return the above list.

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Thanks Recursed. –  Nemo Jun 4 '12 at 19:09
No problem, happy to help :) –  Rob Wagner Jun 4 '12 at 19:17

split() is applied on string, in return it gives you a list[] which contains the substring as elements in order of the parent string.

In your case:

input = "corp\\asre, corp\\banjar, corp\\bicknk, corp\\daniele"

will return ['corp\\asre', 'corp\\banjar', 'corp\\bicknk', 'corp\\daniele']

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