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I have a local structure of directories and files. This codebase is a latest version of all of my code. I now need to upload that into TFS. How do I upload a bunch of folders and files at once?

Currently, I'm looking in the "Source Control Explorer". I see "Add Items to Folder". However, I can't figure out how to upload folders and files to the project I want to add it to.

What am I doing wrong?


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  1. First, make sure your local folder is mapped to a TFS workspace.
  2. In the Add Items to Folder dialog set the folders and files you want in the Items to add and Exlcuded items tabs. These items gets into the list of pending changes.
  3. Check-in pending changes.
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if you want to keep your revision history you need to follow these steps:


else follow @KMoraz answer to use source control explorer and right click to add items to the repository.

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