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I have been working with JCS for a while now and I seem to have run into an issue with the JSPAdmin.jsp page that comes bundled with the jcs download from apache. The page helps us monitor the cache elements in the Remote Cache Server setup.

The links (Summary | Detail | Clear) on the page does not seem to work as I get a resource not found error when I trying clicking those. The JCS forums suggest tweaking couple of class files in the jar to enable this but that did not work.

The Remote cache server is currently setup within jetty.

Has anyone run into such an issue and was able to configure the pages for those links? The main page works fine.


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What is the url you accessing the JCSAdmin page at? You may need to adjust the urls within the jsp. – B. Anderson Nov 9 '12 at 19:03
Yes after a lot of digging, it was the issue with urls not resolving correctly. Thanks! – Keshi Dec 12 '12 at 0:01

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