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I'm using ruby 1.9.3. I have a long-lived thread that picks up jobs from a Queue. The thread uses a mutex to protect a critical section where the thread does processing for the job. Let's say the job data contains the field item_id.

The main thread receives job details from an external source, including the item_id, and enqueues the jobs onto the Queue. It's possible for the main thread to receive the same item_id multiple times in different jobs.

The main thread also has access to the thread's mutex and the current job's item_id.

My goal is to prevent the main thread from enqueuing a job whose item_id is currently on the queue, or being processed by the thread. If this situation happens, the main thread should block until the item_id is processed. The main thread should only block in this situation, or when waiting for external jobs. I also want to avoid busy-waiting.

I already tried using a ConditionVariable, but that doesn't work because the main thread may call wait after the worker calls signal upon concluding processing. This causes a deadlock because signal is never called on that ConditionVariable again.

EDIT: I'm going to simplify the problem. I currently only care if the incoming item_id is currently being handled by the thread. If it's in the queue but hasn't been dequeued yet, I won't care about the duplicate.

Here's a minimal sample:

require 'thread'

class WorkerThread < Thread
  attr_reader :item_id
  def initialize(queue)
    @queue = queue
    @item_id = nil
  def main
    loop do
        @item_id = @queue.deq
        print "[t] working on #{item_id}\n"
        sleep 1
        print "[t] done with #{item_id}\n"
        @item_id = nil

queue = SizedQueue.new(1)
thread = WorkerThread.new(queue)

produced_ids = (1..10).map{ rand(1..3) }
# simulate item_ids from external source. In reality, we'd continue receiving these indefinitely.
print "[main] item_ids: #{produced_ids.inspect}\n"
produced_ids.each do |item_id|
  # yes, i know this is a race cond
  # I'm mainly interested in how to avoid this busy-wait.
  while thread.item_id == item_id
    print "[main] waiting for id #{item_id} to finish\n"
    sleep 0.5
  print "[main] enqueued #{item_id} ---\n"

# possible race cond - but this is only for testing anyway
until queue.empty? and thread.item_id == nil
  sleep 0.5

Please do not tell me I have a race condition if I've already added a comment about it in the code.

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Post code please... –  maerics Jun 4 '12 at 19:56
@maerics Added code. –  Kelvin Jun 4 '12 at 21:00

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