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I have a dedicated WHM / cPanel server with root access.

I am trying to install a shell utility (wkhtmltopdf) to /usr/local/bin/ so that I can call it from within php using exec.

I've got a handle on the php stuff. But I am completely new to all server / sys admin related things.

I have checked out the instructions on - but these assume a higher level of knowledge than I currently have.

I am wondering if anyone can help explain, to a complete newbie, how to go about installing wkhtmltopdf.

Thanks (in advance) for your help.

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Did you ever manage to solve this? –  Nenotlep Oct 21 '13 at 7:18

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Depends a bit on your server and system. Do you have root/sudo access? Is it an ubuntu?

sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

Installed it for me nicely and then you can do symbolic links to point to the executable, but this all depends on the environment. This is kind of a broad question, I'll edit the answer if you want more info but it's hard to write such a generic answer that it would work in any case :) Also perhaps check out How to install wkhtmltopdf on a linux based web server

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