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i'm doing a website and i want my visitors to leave a comment but instead of showing the tipical gravatar, i want to display their tumblr avatar just by putting their URL.

See, i'm using wordpress, there's a plugin for that but it's for twitter only.

does anyone know what i need to change to make it work for tumblr?

The plug in is called Twitter Avatar reloaded

i tried to change the tumblr API but id didn't work or does anyone know another method?

i'm kind of desperate, i just want to grab the tumblr avatar like in this website

Thanks i'd really appreciate any solution!

here you can see the plugin

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have you tried something along a call to :

check this documentation for more information -

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yes i've tried it but i'm not sure how to use it on wordpress. – Gio luna Jun 5 '12 at 4:27

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