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I am using Addin Express 2010 , and want to develop a web pane view when the user clicks on a folder .

I am able to do this in Outlook 2003 .

enter image description here

The same installer does not display the same view for Outlook 2007. The one year technical support for Addin Express has expired, so I cant post it to their forum.

Then I looked into the Outlook Object Model and set the WebView to true, but still I could not see the webpane.

There is a similar question to this at outlook 2010 add-in build custom WebViewPane without add-in Express. But in my case I have Addin Express 2010 and Outlookspy.

Any ideas on how to show the webview can be displayed in Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2010 .

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So I am answering my own question.

The reason can be found here - You cannot add a URL to the Address box on the Home Page tab in Outlook 2007 .

I have changed the registry key, and here is a screenshot in Outlook 2007.

enter image description here

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