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This is basically the question. I've added a new directory, since opening ECB, but the directory buffer isn't updated. How do I force it to update? Tried C-c . s and revert-buffer in the directories buffer to no effect.


Sorry, this is weird, I actually found M-x ecb-update-directories-buffer but it won't update it :S... Is this something known to happen? This is just a regular directory I've added except the name is one letter long.

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I don't use ECB, but g is the usual Emacs binding for a 'refresh buffer contents' function.

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To whomever: If you down-voted this answer because it's completely incorrect, that's fine, but leave a comment to say so, because otherwise I don't know. I'll happily delete it if it's unhelpful, but at this point I'm still only guessing. –  phils Oct 29 '14 at 22:41

Shift + click on the node you want to refresh.

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