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I have a standard Solr 3.6 index and am looking to get the latest N documents back (date ascending from indexing them).

This site was helpful but not exactly what I'm looking for.

I am looking to do something like this:

localhost:8080/solr/select/?q=greekbailout&wt=json; date asc

Basically, query whatever with json output and the latest N submitted documents to the index. Anybody run into this before?

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When I use [begin uri] localhost:8080/solr/select/?q=greece&wt=json&sort=date asc [end uri] I get an HTTP Status 400 - sort param field can't be found: date. However, in my default 3.6 Schema I have [begin xml tag] <fieldType name="date" class="solr.TrieDateField" precisionStep="0" positionIncrementGap="0"/> [end xml tag]. However, this does work: [begin uri] q=data:greece; date asc [end uri]. Why is this? Thank you – Chris Jun 5 '12 at 13:21
thank you all for your help if i could uptick you all more i would – Chris Jun 5 '12 at 20:50
3 years later and a greek bailout seems much more likely now.... – Tim Wachter Jun 24 '15 at 10:49
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solr query using date field with N documents returned in results

localhost:8080/solr/select/?q=greekbailout&wt=json&sort=date asc&rows=N

default schema of solr has a field called timestamp, which stores time at which a particular document is created or modified, so if your date field doesn't quite store this and this is your requirement, you can use timestamp.. just replace date with timestamp

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Use &sort=date asc for pure sorting and this for boosting newer documents.

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In your Solr URL just apend &sort=<field>+<asc/desc>. Also your field should be indexed and not multivalued. You can also sort on multiple fields.

&sort=<field name>+<direction>[,<field name>+<direction>]... 


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