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I want to be able to use UIAutomation to test an app. The problem I'm running into is, I need to download allot of data from the network. Is there a way to pause a UIAutomation script until a NSNotification is posted, or do I just need to delay() longer than I think is necessary to download the data. Waiting a set amount of time isn't preferable because sometimes data doesn't need to be re-downlaoded.

Any help / links is greatly appreciated.

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UIAutomation has a nifty function called waitForInvalid(). If you've got a progress bar or something that will get displayed and then removed after the data is done downloading, you could use that.

This also works for a case in which the user already has the data and you don't show the UI, since the function would immediately return.

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Jack's answer works for most details, but some of the network work happens on a background queue, and there isn't a progress indicator.

I ended up writing a helper that sticks a CGRectZero UIView into an element. We can then wait until this element becomes valid. It's not as clean as I would like it to be but it's woking.

waitForElementNamed: function(name, element, timeout) {
  timeout = timeout || 10
  log("Waiting for " + timeout + " seconds")
  var valid = false
  for (var i = 0; i < timeout; i++) {
      valid = element.elements()[name].isValid()
      if (valid) {
      log("Found Element " + name)
  if (!valid) {
      failed("Wait Timedout [" + timeout + "]")

It's not pretty but it works.

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Yep, not pretty but it works :) – Jack Lawrence Jun 12 '12 at 17:09

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