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I need a little help. I have created my own context menu for right click and I want it to behave like classic one - to dissapear after scroll. But the problem is that I have more scrollbars in my layout, so the question is, how to catch all scroll events on the page? I have tried for examle $(document).scroll() but it works only for main scrollbar, I have tried also to use .on("scroll", function(){}); on the main container, but this doesn't work at all :(

So any ideas please?

Thanks, David

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I would suggest adding classes to your scrollable elements, such as class="scrollable", and then do a selector on that class. It requires some dirty work in adding the class, but it will efficiently get the job done.

$(document).add('.scrollable').on('scroll', function() {
    alert("Action here");
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Somehow it doesn't work, it is still working only for main scrollbar. I am using <div id="okno1_textBox" class="textBox"> <div id="okno1_text" class="oknoText"> </div> </div> the .textBox has overflow set to auto and to ,oknoText I am loading data so I tried $(document).add(".textBox").on('scroll',function () { alert("test"); }); but nothing happend –  david Jun 5 '12 at 10:10

You will have to add them manually:

$("html, body, #yourMainDiv, .scrolling, #whatever").on("scroll", function(){...});
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