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I have a multipage with a button that allows the user to add x number of tabs, each with the same control contents.

This sub goes through each control element of each tab and assigns the single command button in each tab a handler class. I have a collection within a dictionary which collects the number of these button handlers created.

For Each ctl In MultiPage1.Pages(NumSegs - 1).Controls
    If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CommandButton Then
        ctl.Name = "EditSeg" & NumSegs
        Set btnH = New cl_ButtonHandler
        Set btnH.btn = ctl
        Let btnH.WriteSegNum = NumSegs
        'Debug.Print "Segment Number = " & btnH.GetSegNum
        Call NodeSpanDict.Items(currSpan).add_butt(btnH)
    End If

The handler class is defined as follows:

Public WithEvents btn As MSForms.CommandButton
Dim SegNum As Integer

Public Property Let WriteSegNum(value As Integer)
    SegNum = value
End Property

Public Property Get GetSegNum()
    GetSegNum = SegNum
End Property

Private Sub btn_Click()
    Debug.Print "SURPRISE!"
End Sub

Everything works fine for adding and removing buttons while the userform is opened, but I am having trouble reloading the same # of tabs as before the useform was closed with each tab having the same handler as before the userform closed. I'm trying to achieve something like this:

    For Each ctl In MultiPage1.Pages(i).Controls
        If TypeOf ctl Is MSForms.CommandButton Then
            Set btnH = New cl_ButtonHandler
            btnH = NodeSpanDict.Items(currSpan).collBtns.Item(i + 1).btn
            ctl = btnH.btn
        End If

The end effect I wish to achieve is having the user be able to add or remove any number of tabs in the multipage during runtime, be able to close the userform, then reload the userform keeping the same number of tabs opened, with each button keeping the same handler. My method relies on keeping all these button handlers in a collection, then upon opening the userform again, sets each button handler back to the appropriate one in the collection.

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Why not save the config to a temp worksheet and recreate everything in the UserForm_Initialize Event? Every time you add delete a page, simply update the worksheet? –  Siddharth Rout Jun 5 '12 at 0:38
this is because the handler assigns each button a certain function to open up another userform. I want to be able to keep the assignments after I close the userform and minimize any secondary sheets –  Ehudz Jun 5 '12 at 13:54

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