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If birthdate's are stored as type "Date" in MySQL, how would you determine if it's a specific user's birthday today in PHP?

Is it simply a matter of grabbing the birthdate column value, doing on a explode on the -, and then checking if the day and month match the current day and month in PHP? Or is there a simpler and less crude way of doing it?

Also, what query would you use to SELECT all users whose birthday it is today?

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Since you'll need to exclude the year, you can use the MONTH and DAY SQL functions like so:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE MONTH(birthday) = MONTH(NOW()) AND DAY(birthday) = DAY(NOW());

Don't forget to add an index on this column or it will seriously degrade performance as data grows.

In PHP, you can just use the date function:

if (date('m-d', strtotime($row['date'])) == date('m-d'))
    //-- Today is my birthday! Hooray!
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Probably only needs some handling for the Feb 29th edge case; those people still do celebrate birthdays, even though the exact date does not occur every year. – lanzz Jun 4 '12 at 22:24
@Ianzz - Depends; (in)famously, the Pirates of Penzanze use this to re-induct a rather conflicted crewmember (who would otherwise be considered to have fufilled his terms of indenture). Randy - is the & valid in mySQL? It's not in (my version of) DB2. – Clockwork-Muse Jun 4 '12 at 22:28
This worked for finding all users whose birthday it is today, thanks. But how would you determine if it's a specific user's birthday today in PHP (based on their birthdate)? – ProgrammerGirl Jun 4 '12 at 22:30
@X-Zero A single ampersand is a bitwise and, and double ampersand can be substituted for the AND keyword for a logical and - basically identical to PHP rules and regs. – DaveRandom Jun 4 '12 at 22:35
It was a typo on my end... sorry for the confusion. – sesser Jun 4 '12 at 22:41

Use MySQL's date functions to extract the month and day from the users' birth dates, and compare them to the same values extracted from the current date:

    DAY(birthday) = DAY(CURDATE()) AND
    MONTH(birthday) = MONTH(CURDATE());

That makes sure the important values - month and day - match, regardless of the year. Hope that helps!

PS: You might be tempted to use DAYOFYEAR as a simpler version. Don't. Leap years'll screw you up.

Edit: It looks like using date functions in your where clauses can really slow you down, especially in big tables. See my last comment, below, for a bit more on that.

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What is generally faster between this solution and randy's solution? – ProgrammerGirl Jun 4 '12 at 22:25
The two are effectively identical. – octern Jun 4 '12 at 22:27
@Programmer - Nothing, really. CURDATE only deals with the date, whereas NOW gives you a full date+time. And randy uses boolean and (&) instead of conditional and (AND). But these are severely minor differences - I doubt you'd notice and performance difference at all. Cheers! – Xavier Holt Jun 4 '12 at 22:28
@XavierHolt and randy uses boolean and (&) instead of conditional and (AND) - Actually what he used was, presumably by mistake since it has now been altered, a bitwise and, which is a not-so-minor difference. If we're going to be correct about it (and that's what are striving for, I assume?) a boolean and, as you put it is in fact a logical and. See here and here for more information. – DaveRandom Jun 4 '12 at 22:32
I'm not up on the internals of MySQL, but depending on how it queries the index, comparing month first would weed out more irrelevant records before needing to compare the day portion. I've not tested this theory though... and yes, the & was a mistake on my part – sesser Jun 4 '12 at 22:32

You could also add to your query to include a value that would be 1 if today was their birthday. This makes it easier so in your PHP you don't have to make the comparison.

    (MONTH(user_table.birth_date_column) = MONTH(now()) 
        AND DAY(user_table.birth_date_column) = DAY(now())) as birthday_today
FROM user_table

Other answers show query for getting those users whose birthday's are today

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Find people whose birthday has the same month and day as the current date:

SELECT * from people 
WHERE month(birthDate) = month(curdate()) 
AND dayofmonth(birthDate) = dayofmonth(curdate())
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select * from table
where month(BirthDate) = month(curdate())
and day(BirthDate) = day(curdate());
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To find employees' today birthday. we can use this


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