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It looks like recently there has been a slight change on embedding a published google docs presentation.

The url for the iframe embed changed from:[doc_id]


Looks like some old documents still require the old embed url, and the new documents require the new url. So given a doc_id is there a way (using the API) to get the embed url you should be using?


After poking around, it looks like from the revision, the old doc has link tag with rel=, which contains[doc_id], but on the new doc that value is[user_email].

So the question is can I assume that if the link with rel= contains[user_email] then I need to use this url[doc_id]?

Or is it just that the API didn't include the correct value in the revision? (because I think this just happened quite recently).

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The embed link has rel="" and URLs might look like However, you shouldn't manually build those URLs but instead use the value of the link with rel="".

The xoauth_requestor_id parameter won't be included in the embed link as that is only required when using 2-legged OAuth and impersonating a different user. If that is the authorization mechanism of your choice, you have to add those parameters yourself when adding the auth token.

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Thanks Claudio! and I should add that rel=""; should be the one from the doc entry, not the revision. – Reynard Jun 5 '12 at 4:39

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