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I'm encountering a strange issue in an ANT file I use for building a Java app. When generating the jar file, eventually I include resource files (images, fonts and config files) in the JAR using zipfileset, like this:

                    <zipfileset dir="src/res" prefix="res"/>
                <zipfileset dir="src/res/images" prefix="res/images" />
                <zipfileset dir="src/res/images/Bubbles" prefix="res/images/Bubbles"/>
                <zipfileset dir="src/res/images/Clocks" prefix="res/images/Clocks"/>
                <zipfileset dir="src/config" prefix="res/config"/>
                <zipfileset dir="src/ontology" prefix="res/ontology"/>

To mantain original structure, that looks like this:

 |   |-Bubbles
 |   |-Clocks

So is replicated within the JAR, I'm using the prefix parameter in zipfileset. The thing is that I'm getting duplicated images in res/images and triple images (3 copies of the same image) in any of the res/images/Bubbles and res/images/Clocks folders, which, in the other hand, are 2 and 3 depth levels respectively. res/config and res/ontology are correct, no duplicated files there...a screenshot to see what I mean:

enter image description here

I forgot to mention, but obviously, I only have one instance of each image in every folder. Any ideas what is causing this behaviour?

Regards, Alex

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ant actually does exactly what you told it do. You told him to:

  • pack all the files under src/res and to map them to res.
  • pack all the files under src/res/images and to map them to res/images
  • pack all the files under src/res/images/Bubbles and to them under res/images/Bubbles

Now let's assume that you have a src/res/images/Bubbles/activity_bubble_orange.png files. That file is contained in the first zipfileset, the second zipfileset and the third zipfileset. Ergo it will be packed three times.

To do what you want you need to do a single <zipfileset dir="src/res" prefix="res" /> but filter the contents using includes/excludes filters.

See here: http://ant.apache.org/manual/Types/zipfileset.html where it say that is a type of fileset. and here: http://ant.apache.org/manual/Types/fileset.html to see how you specify includes/excludes filter for a fileset.

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Got it working thanks, Mihai –  AlejandroVK Jun 5 '12 at 6:23
You're welcome :) –  Mihai Toader Jun 5 '12 at 11:16

You can use the following attribute to include the whole path without hardcoding each sub-directory.


<zipfileset src="examples.zip" includes="**/*.html" prefix="docs/examples"/>

In above example, I'm including *.html recursively.

Sukhbir Dhillon Addteq

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Yeah, I did something very similar, thank you too Sukhbir –  AlejandroVK Jun 5 '12 at 6:24

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