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Using the Facebook developers site editing the roles of a test user, I am able to make friends using two test users, one with the app installed and one without.

I have created two Facebook test users using the graph API. If both users have the app installed I can make friend connections between them using the graph API and the user's access tokens. If I create one test user with the app installed and one without the app installed the user without the app installed does not have a user access token. How can I friend these two users programmatically without them both having an accesses token?

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For the API to work, you need an access token for each test user.

See http://developers.facebook.com/docs/test_users/

Making friend connections

You can use the API to make friends connections for a test user with other test users of that app. We provide an API for creating a friend request as well as for accepting a friend request. This enables developers to create several friend connections between test users via the API itself, without having to log-in as the test user to accept requests.


method=post &access_token=TEST_USER_1_ACCESS_TOKEN

method=post &access_token=TEST_USER_2_ACCESS_TOKEN

The first call should be made with access token of TEST_USER_1_ID. This will creates a friend request from TEST_USER_1_ID to

TEST_USER_2_ID. The second call should be made with access token for TEST_USER_2_ID and will confirm the request.

Response: true on success, false otherwise

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