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I'm trying update a range of records based on a join on the same table in SQLite3 using the application SQLiteman, I can't seem to get the right syntax and I have tried a number of methods. The latest iteration of the update query is below

 workcodes wc2
 wc2.SubCodeOf = wc1.ID
 workcodes wc1
 inner join
 workcodes wc2 on
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I think you want to try something like a sub-select:

    workcodes wc2
    wc2.SubCodeOf = ( 
        SELECT wc1.ID 
        FROM workcodes wc1 
        WHERE wc1.JemenaWC = wc2.WorkCode )
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workcodes shouldn't have an alias, won't run. –  Matthew Plourde Jul 16 '13 at 18:08
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