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I'm having pretty abnormal work in my application. I'm using following code to enumerate all namespaces and some root namespaces - such as Nethood work pretty slow - over one minute to load (!!) That happens only on Win7, on older system loading is OK.

I'm using this functions, from MustangPeak library:

function TNamespace.EnumerateFolder(MessageWnd: HWnd; Folders, NonFolders,
  IncludeHidden: Boolean; EnumFunc: TEnumFolderCallback;
  UserData: Pointer): integer;
  Enum: IEnumIDList;
  Flags: Longword;
  Fetched: Longword;
  Item: PItemIDList;
  Terminate: Boolean;
  OldError: integer;
  OldWow64: Pointer;
  Result := 0;

    if Assigned(ShellFolder) then
      if Assigned(EnumFunc) then
        Terminate := False;
        Flags := 0;
        if Folders then
          Flags := Flags or SHCONTF_FOLDERS;
        if NonFolders then
          Flags := Flags or SHCONTF_NONFOLDERS;
        if IncludeHidden then
          Flags := Flags or SHCONTF_INCLUDEHIDDEN;

    // --- This is new added
    Flags := Flags or SHCONTF_ENABLE_ASYNC;

        if Valid then
          OldWow64 := Wow64RedirectDisable;

            if ShellFolder.EnumObjects(MessageWnd, Flags, Enum) = NOERROR  then
              // Vista Enum is nil every once in a while
              if Assigned(Enum) then
                while (Enum.Next(1, Item, Fetched) = NOERROR) and not Terminate do
                  if EnumFunc(MessageWnd, Item, Self, UserData, Terminate) then

Now I read in MSDN doc that in Win7 new async flag has been supported in order to get results instantly but then to receive other results when system read it.

That flag is called SHCONTF_ENABLE_ASYNC and I added it in code on place I've marked with (// --- This is new added)

Problem is because I don't know how to catch events when I receive updates.

How to hook on newly received items? Is there some event (message etc.) that system (object) sends to some control or structure etc.


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SHCONTF_ENABLE_ASYNC does not make the enumeration itself asynchronous. It simply lets IShellFolder know that you are monitoring for asynchronous change notifications outside of IShellFolder, such as with SHChangeNotifyRegister(), so the enumeration does not need to return everything at one time as the change notifications will let you know when items are added/removed/changed in real-time.

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You mean with SHChangeNotifyRegistry I can detect change? Ok, two questions: 1) SHChangeNotifyRegistry as first param should have Application Handle (or MainForm handle) in order to MainForm receive Message? 2) That network neighbor scan will send async which type of message > FolderUpdate, DirUpdate, File added etc? Thanks very much for your answer. I need a little more to understand this and complete that problem that bugger me. :) –  Ivan Mark Jun 5 '12 at 2:13
I would not use MainForm.Handle, since it can change dynamically during the app's lifetime. I would either 1) use Application.Handle and then use the Application.OnMessage event and/or the Application.HookMainWindow() method to receive the message, or 2) use AllocateHWnd() to create a dedicated window just for receiving that message. I can't answer your other question, you will just have to see what kind of events you actually receive. –  Remy Lebeau Jun 5 '12 at 17:21
Remy, what ever I do I can't receive any message from SHChangeNotifyRegister. I don't know to set up flags good apparently. If you have exp with this and know what and how to setup please help. –  Ivan Mark Jun 5 '12 at 22:56
I'm not going to write all of the code for you. Please show the code you have tried, and myself or someone else can then explain if something is wrong with it. –  Remy Lebeau Jun 6 '12 at 0:15
I've made mistake - I should use SHCNE_CREATE param instead of SHCNE_UPDATEDIR and other params I've tried. Again, thanks for help, I've managed to solve this. –  Ivan Mark Jun 6 '12 at 0:35

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