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For class, I am trying to overload the << operator so I can print out an object I created. I declared and added to this

WORD you; //this is a linked list that contains 'y' 'o' 'u'

and I want to do this

cout << you; //error: no operator "<<" matches theses operands

I have to overload the insertion operator as a friend function with chaining to print a word.

I have declared and defined the overloaded function, but it still does not work. Here is the class declaration file, followed by the .cpp file with the function

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;
#pragma once

class alpha_numeric //node
char symbol; //data in node
alpha_numeric *next;//points to next node

class WORD
WORD(); //front of list initially set to Null
//WORD(const WORD& other);
bool IsEmpty(); //done
int Length();
void Add(char); //done
void Print(); //dont
//void Insert(WORD bword, int position);
//WORD operator=(const string& other);

friend ostream & operator<<(ostream & out, alpha_numeric *front);//******************<-----------------

alpha_numeric *front; //points to the front node of a list
int length;


In the .cpp file, I put *front in the parameter because it said front was not defined when I tried to use it inside the function, even though I declared it in the class. I then tried this. I have no clue if it is correct.

ostream & operator<<(ostream & out, alpha_numeric *front)
alpha_numeric *p;
for(p = front; p != 0; p = p -> next)
    out << p -> symbol << endl;
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Why don't you create ostream& operator<<(ostream &out, WORD &word) ? –  S.T. Jun 5 '12 at 2:15
@SevaTitov It has to be implemented as a friend function, its in the homework directions –  Mike Jun 5 '12 at 2:18

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If you want to overload << for class WORD, the parameter must be 'WORD' type. I think you must search overload for << 1stly before asking such question. :-)

class WORD
friend ostream & operator<<(ostream & out, const WORD& w);

ostream & operator<<(ostream & out, const WORD& w)
alpha_numeric *p;
for(p = w.front; p != 0; p = p -> next)
    out << p -> symbol;
return out;
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can you explain why it has to be const? –  Mike Jun 5 '12 at 2:38
@MikeGordon you do not want to make any change to WORD in operator<<, right? that's the reason. –  JsDoITao Jun 5 '12 at 2:46

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