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I'm trying to get server stats off the FMS admin API like this:


I have API commands enabled in the Users.xml config.

When I use a bad user name or password, I get an XML error response, as expected.

When I use a correct user name or password, I get a "Connection reset" error ("The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.")

My security group on EC2 should be correct, because that URL works fine on a dev FMS box in the same security group.

I looked at the Apache logs and the FMS logs and don't see any trace of my admin requests, so I must be looking in the wrong place.

So, three questions:

  1. What's serving the admin API over :1111? Apache?
  2. Where are the admin API access and error logs?
  3. What's causing my connection reset errors?
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For reference in case people run into the same problem: the connection reset errors are because you need to enable API access over http in three different places.

If your conf/fms.ini file is mostly default, be sure to include this:


Then in in conf/Users.xml, include this:


In summary:

  • turn http API access on or off with USERS.HTTPCOMMENT_ALLOW = true in fms.ini
  • make sure the <Enable> section in Users.xml includes that value
  • list exactly which API calls you allow in <Allow>

If the <Enable> section is not set to true, you'll get the connection reset error (instead of something more sensible like a 500 or a 403).

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