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I am having a hard time looking for a modal box that has a similar functionality as the one on Pinterest.

I am currently using simple-modal (jQuery) but the problems are the height is not dynamic (putting height: auto has some problems) and the modal box's position is fixed at the center. Hence, if the content is long, it will just have a scrollbar on its own (inside the modal box) instead of being scrollable using the browser's main scrollbar. When I use the main browser's scrollbar, it's scrolling the content behind the modal (which is the actual web page) which is not what I intend to happen.

Do you have any suggestions on what to use?

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If you right click on a object and open it as a new tab/window, you will then see what Pinterest is overlaying on the main page.

That said, you might achieve the same effect by expanding a full viewport iframe with semi-transparent background to see the underlying page.

To be sure, I've not come across any lightbox clones similar to Pinterest's custom jQuery version hidden somewhere in it's .js file.

Status Update:
If your willing to create your own method, I've outlined a process seen in my SO Answer here

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