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I have a box that previews a Box Shadow. The user types in the inputs for the lenghts, blur, spread and colour (hex). So far I have this for the output of the style but it obviously doesn't work.

document.getElementById('jj_preview3').style["boxShadow"] = jj_input6 + 'px' + 

jj_input7 + 'px' + jj_input8 + 'px' + jj_input9 + '#' + jj_input10;

jj_input6 = Horizontal Length

jj_input7 = Vertical Length

jj_input8 = Blue Radius

jj_input9 = Spread

jj_input10 = Shadow Colour

What changes do I have to make the the javascript code snippet above to make it work?

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You're missing spaces, for one thing. AFAIK, 3px2px3px2px#ff0000 is not a valid box-shadow value. –  Amadan Jun 5 '12 at 2:53

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It should work if you put in spaces. You're also missing 'px' in the last string literal.

document.getElementById('jj_preview3').style['boxShadow'] = jj_input6 + 'px ' + 
    jj_input7 + 'px ' + jj_input8 + 'px ' + jj_input9 + 'px #' + jj_input10;
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thanks so much. saved my day! –  Lodder Jun 5 '12 at 3:06

Simply for future references:

 var someVariable = document.getElementById("someId")
 someVariable.style.boxShadow = "5px 5px 1.2em black";

Note: The 1.2em is for the blur effect, but px could be used as well, or it can be omitted all together.

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