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I have a DBGrid which is populated by an ADOTable (Table1). I need to perform some processing on this data and show it on other grid (popup).

I created a temporary table (tblTemp) and assigned Table1 to it. The problem that I am facing is that, if I put any filter on the tblTemp, then the Table1 is also modified accordingly. So, the DBGrid in the mainform is also changed.

If one closes the pop-up, then I reset the filter and mainform looks as it was. But, when the pop-up is present, and one moves the pop-up, then they can see that main form is changed.

PFB the code snippet :

 tblTemp := TADOTable.Create(nil);
 tblTemp.Recordset := Table1.Recordset;
 tblTemp.Filtered := FALSE;
 tblTemp.Filter := ''; // Some valid filter
 tblTemp.Filtered := TRUE;
 DataSource1.DataSet := tblTemp; // Data source in the pop-up list
 DBGrid1.DataSource := DataSource1; // DB GRid in the pop-up list

Is there any way that, If I apply filter on the tblTemp and the recordset of the Table1 is not modified.

Please provide your inputs.

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You can clone the dataset – Hendra Jun 5 '12 at 3:50
@Hendra : thanks. it is working. – Abhineet Jun 5 '12 at 5:45

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