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Current I have three classes: activity (A), broadcastReceiver (B) and service (C).

Assuming that A is binding to C and now, B get a new intent from system.

Can B bind to the C (exactly the same one) directly?

I find out that there is a peekService method in broadcastReceiver.

my question is can I bind the running service in broadcastReceiver?

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and what is your question ? –  Lucifer Jun 5 '12 at 3:21

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If you have registered your receiver dynamically with Context.registerReceiver() then you can bind to a Service from the onReceive method.

However, If you have declared your BroadcastReceiver in the manifest, then you should not bind to a Service from the onReceive() method. You can start a Service though - you just cannot bind to it because bindService() is asynchronous. More details about this in the Android Dev Guide and the onReceive documentation.

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In my original answer, I had presented the wrong conditions. I edited the answer with the correct conditions. –  curioustechizen Jun 5 '12 at 3:55

I find out that using peekService can bind the running service.

Such like

IBinder ib = peekService(context, new Intent(context,

((xxxxService.class)ib). do anything here...

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