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Is there any quick command in REDIS which allows me to do the following

I want to set the Value of key Y equal to the value of Key X .

How do I go about doing this from the Redis Client .

I use the standard Redis-cli client .

Basically I am looking for some equivalent of the following -

 Y.Val() = X.Val()
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You can do this with a Lua script:

redis.call('SET', KEYS[2], redis.call('GET', KEYS[1])); return 1;
  1. KEYS1 is the source key
  2. KEYS2 is the target key

The example below uses SCRIPT LOAD to create the script and invokes it using EVALSHA passing the following arguments:

  1. The SHA1 returned from the script load
  2. a 2 for the number of keys that will be passed
  3. The source key
  4. The target key.


redis> set src.key XXX
redis> get src.key
redis> SCRIPT LOAD "redis.call('SET', KEYS[2], redis.call('GET', KEYS[1])); return 1;"
redis> EVALSHA 1119c244463dce1ac3a19cdd4fda744e15e02cab 2 src.key target.key
(integer) 1
redis> get target.key

It does appear to be a lot of stuff compared to simply doing a GET and then s SET, but once you've loaded the script (and memorized the SHA1) then you can reuse it repeatedly.

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No, there is no quick command to do this. You have to GET the value of the source key, and then SET the value of the new key.

Source: http://redis.io/commands#string

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