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Trying to add a column to a table in the configuration menu, the table has a empty <th> </th> just for looks, but when i add the column, it adds it after this so looks ugly, adding it with this

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => "spree/admin/user_groups/index",
    :name         => "minimum_order_column",
    :insert_after => "code[erb-loud]:contains('description')",
    :partial      => "spree/admin/user_groups/minimum_order_column")

first weird thing is that it adds it after that empty th, but seems like a easy fix if I could just remove it

admin/user_groups is from spree_user_groups

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Deface uses CSS selectors in general to do it's dirty work.

You should be able to do th[3] or th:last to find that <th>

http://deface.heroku.com/ is a great tool to help in testing selectors.

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cool that worked, now to get the element ordering right :D –  geermc4 Jun 5 '12 at 17:19

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