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Assuming I have a class derived from Shape. I'm looking for way how to implement support for binding it with datatemplate. A datatemplate looking something like this:

  <Grid x:Name="grid">
        <Path x:Name="path" Data="F1 M 0.0692474,6.76634C -2.5902,6.76634 -4.91351,8.20551 -6.16436,10.3475L 0.0665311,-10.3179L 6.29167,10.3284C 5.03818,8.19696 2.72079,6.76634 0.0692474,6.76634 Z " />

It's clear for me how to apply Datatemplate to controls, such as buttons, textboxs, listviews and so on.

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The TemplatePartAttribute does what you like. See this tutorial for info on how to write a Custom Control that supports Templating and see how you can mix your shape in there.

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it! –  Alexander Knoth Jun 5 '12 at 6:01
You're welcome! –  Sebastian Edelmeier Jun 5 '12 at 6:07

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