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What I'm trying to get done in the example shown below is a pie like shape for a preloader script. The deal with it is that it starts on 0% and finishes on 100%. Depending on the % given the circle behind the gray circle shall fill it self up.

Currently i have the shapes in 2 different canvas's as i had to use clip to actually hide parts of the circle. But as this applied to my overlay with the gray circle i spliced them up. They are by the way both images.


I would really appreciate any effort that you guys put in helping me. Been trying to solve this issue for ages.

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Can you please post code for how you managed to clip the black image? or some reference link? i am stuck there.please help. – Hiral Jul 12 '12 at 5:58
Used the .save() and .restore() methods built in. An example can be seen here: - Code: – danniehansenweb Jul 28 '12 at 18:24
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Found the solution. Seems like i had to use the moveTo function in order to get the shape to be painted correctly.

Using the

function degreesToRadians(degrees) {
    return (degrees * Math.PI)/180;

function to use degrees rather than Radians.


Hope this helps someone else :)

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