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I would like to move some files to a time-stamped directory after I transfer them using WMQ-FTE. I am running v7.0.4.1.

My problem is that there are always new files being written to the directory I am transferring out of, so just blindly transferring everything is not the way. I also batch up the transfer triggers as they happen in batches of about 1000, so only one transfer occurs per 1000 files to be transferred.

I was hoping there would be some metadata that contained a list of the paths of the files transferred so I could move them to a directory before or after the transfer happens. The directory creation would be part of a pre or post source call.

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Take a look at the DestinationTransferEndExit.java API documentation. In particular, look at the fileResults parameter. An ANT task can use this parameter to perform actions on specific files.

 * Invoked immediately after the completion of a transfer on the agent acting as
 * the destination of the transfer.
 * @param transferExitResult
 *            a result object reflecting whether or not the transfer completed
 *            successfully.
 * @param sourceAgentName
 *            the name of the agent acting as the source of the transfer.
 * @param destinationAgentName
 *            the name of the agent acting as the destination of the
 *            transfer.  This is the name of the agent that the 
 *            implementation of this method will be invoked from.
 * @param environmentMetaData
 *            meta data about the environment in which the implementation
 *            of this method is running.  This information can only be read,
 *            it cannot be updated by the implementation.  The constants
 *            defined in <code>EnvironmentMetaDataConstants</code> class can 
 *            be used to access the data held by this map.
 * @param transferMetaData
 *            meta data to associate with the transfer.  The information can
 *            only be read, it cannot be updated by the implementation.  This 
 *            map may also contain keys with IBM reserved names.  These 
 *            entries are defined in the <code>TransferMetaDataConstants</code> 
 *            class and have special semantics.
 * @param fileResults
 *            a list of file transfer result objects that describe the source
 *            file name, destination file name and result of each file transfer
 *            operation attempted.
 * @return    an optional description to enter into the log message describing
 *            transfer completion.  A value of <code>null</code> can be used
 *            when no description is required.
String onDestinationTransferEnd(TransferExitResult transferExitResult,
                String sourceAgentName,
                String destinationAgentName,
                Map<String, String>environmentMetaData,
                Map<String, String>transferMetaData, 
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I didn't specify that all this has to happen on the source server, but I found the exit for source transfers, SourceTransferEndExit.java. I will implement and report my findings –  Lexman Jun 5 '12 at 23:35
Glad to hear it! –  T.Rob Jun 6 '12 at 3:22

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