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I got code for the aho-corasick algorithm here: .

I used it as the guide said, added lines and built the tree.

I did however change it from using std wstring to std string but that should not matter. I just changed the typedef.

When I use it and search for something, if not results are found there is no problem. When results are found, I get a std out of range exception.

It crashes here:

        if (aIterator==pNode->aMap.end())
            //No, check if we have failure node
            if (!pNode->pFailureNode)
                //No failure node, start at root again

                //Reset search string

                //Did we do a switch?
                if (bSwitch)
                    //We need to do this over

                //Exit this loop
                //What is the depth difference?
                unsigned short usDepth;

                //This is how many chars to remove
                sMatchedString=sMatchedString.substr(usDepth,sMatchedString.length()-usDepth); //CRASHES HERE!!

                //Go to the failure node

                //Set to switch
            //Add the char

            //Save the new node

            //Exit the loop

It crashes here:


Here are the variables:

enter image description here

I'm using this to implement censorship in a game.

What could cause it to crash?

I have some strings added twice, could that cause problems?


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Vote to close: Asking strangers to spot errors in your code by inspection is not productive. You should identify (or at least isolate) the problem by using a debugger or print statements, and then come back with a more specific question (once you've narrowed it down to a 10-line test-case). – Oliver Charlesworth Jun 5 '12 at 20:24
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One likely problem is that sMatchedString is "u", while usDepth is 3. This results in a substring from the third character (in a one character string) with length of -2.

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