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If you notice in this very editor that I am writing in right now, when you press "ctrl + k" and the then paste your code and save it, it will become formatted like it was in visual studio.

Now I want to do my own program using winforms and I would like to view the snippets of codes I save and format it accordingly. Any help is appreciated.

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I am using Scintilla.Net as a syntax coloring text editor. –  Uwe Keim Jun 5 '12 at 6:54
today it's much easier - with Roslyn: 1, 2 –  Dmitry Ledentsov Mar 25 at 13:08

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For my blog I use Manoli's C# formatter.


The source code of the formatter is available here:


Basically you collect all the keywords, compiler directives...etc. and use regular expressions to find them. Then the author wraps HTML tags around them to format the text.

You could follow the same approach and include your own formatting which is compatible with whichever WinForms control you want to use.

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