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I often use virtualenv to keep right version of dependancies installed for a project.

virtualenv apps --distribute

The problem is that when using that, virtualenv keep installing distribute==0.6.19

I need each time to run first :

pip install distribute -U

Why is that and how can I make it install directly the right version of distribute ?

Thank you.

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There was a similar question about updating pip on the python-virtualenv list. I've repeated here for convenience:

If you are using a recent virtualenv you can also use --extra-search-dir option to point to an alternate directory containing the distribute package you wish to install. This is documented here:


User-provided extra-search-dir paths have precedence over the "builtin" search paths, so you should be able to achieve what you want

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The first thing to do is to upgrade virtualenv :

sudo aptitude remove python-virtualenv python-pip
sudo easy_install pip virtualenv

Then you've got distribute==0.6.24 installed by default.

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