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I'm trying to filter a table with some filters. Some are simple selects, and others are multiples. For the simple ones, that's ok, but not the multiple.

I want to follow this logic :

  1. Passing through the array which contains the filter (filtre_transports)
  2. Passing through the array which contains the value(s) (ligne_transports)
  3. If an element of the 1. isn't in the 2. so not display the line (transports_matches = false)

I made this code :

// Pass through each line of the table
jQuery('#agents_liste tbody tr').not('.vide').each(function() {
    var transports_matches = true;

    // ligne_transports is an array contains values to compare with the filter
    var ligne_transports = jQuery(this).children('td').eq(2).text().split('###');

    // filtre_transports is an array contains the selected val of a multi select
    jQuery(filtre_transports).each(function() {
        var filtre = jQuery(this);
        var filtreOk = false;

        jQuery(ligne_transports).each(function() {
            if (filtre == jQuery(this)) {
                filtreOk = true;
                return false;

        if (!filtreOk) {
            transports_matches = false;
            return false;

The problem : When we have filters selected, the result transports_matches is always false.

Btw, I saw this post where the answer is to use classes, but is there a way without them ?

EDIT : You can see the JSFiddle here.


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Using classes is most definitely not required. Can you post it on jsfiddle so we can have a look at a (not) working example? – wroniasty Jun 5 '12 at 8:00
You can now see the JSFiddle, thanks for the comment anyway! – Val Jun 5 '12 at 8:16

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You had a couple of issues:

  1. $(filtre_transports).each is not the way to iterate over an array, you should use $.each(filtre_transports, function() {...}).

  2. You should cast filtre and this to String before comparing them.

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You sure that a simple $(x).each() is not good to iterate over an array ? If you have a link that speaking about it, please post it in comment, I'm interested in it.. And thanks a lot for your answer, +1 and "accepted" ! :) – Val Jun 5 '12 at 8:52
$(x).each is used to iterate over a jQuery object, $.each - over any iterable JS object. docs – wroniasty Jun 5 '12 at 8:57

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