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I am completly new to AWS.

We need our console application to start once a day on Amazon Web Services. Do anybody know where to find information on how it can be done? Does AWS provide any kind of email-report-on-error?

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Amazon doesn't have the ability to host and run a console application for you directly.

The basic steps to do it yourself would be:

  1. Setup a Windows server instance on Amazon EC2.
  2. Install your console application on your new server.
  3. Setup a job in Task Scheduler to run you console application.

Note: YOU are responsible for administering, updating, and monitoring your job on your EC2 server. Amazon is just renting you a server... nothing more...

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Thank you for your answer. And, if somebody is reading this thread: using EC2 instanse to host scheduled job means that this instance should always run, which is not good if you are paying for machine time. –  yauheni_selivonchyk Jun 6 '12 at 7:14
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