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I know jQuery has deep mixin such as

var options = $.extend(true,target,object1,object2)

,does dojo have?if have how to use?if not how can i get the same functionality?thanks!

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They have "lang.mixin" (http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/dojo/_base/lang#mixin), but it's not truly equivalent.

The following thread has more info: http://dojo-toolkit.33424.n3.nabble.com/Deep-dojo-mixin-td3986157.html

And Ken Benjamin took the time to write this:

    mixinDeep: function(dest, source) { 
     //Recursively mix the properties of two objects 
     var empty = {}; 
     for (var name in source) { 
          if(!(name in dest) || (dest[name] !== source[name] && (!(name in empty) || empty[name] !== source[name]))){ 
               try { 
                    if ( source[name].constructor==Object ) { 
                         dest[name] = this.mixinDeep(dest[name], source[name]); 
                    } else { 
                         dest[name] = source[name]; 
               } catch(e) { 
                    // Property in destination object not set. Create it and set its value. 
                    dest[name] = source[name]; 
     return dest; 

However, it has some limitations with Arrays.

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I recently had this same issue and decided to create Jake, which is just a small file porting over jQuery functions that Dojo doesn't offer. So, now I can use this with my Dojo app (and in any other situation where I can't use jQuery).

Feel free to use it to drop in your project.

It currently supports:

  • extend
  • each
  • offset
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