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I am using ARM ELF toolchain for my project. I am working on a bootloader which needs to be location independent as it will relocate it self from flash to ram upon reset. I have tried hard to figure out how to compile location independent code using GNU ARM toolchain but can not seem to make it work.

I have tried using -fpic and -fpie options for the compiler and -pie for linker but when I use these options the compiler complains that no section is defined for either .got or .plt sections. I am not sure where these sections should go i.e in BSS or TEXT. After googling about this, I think I should only use -fpie but I am not sure.

Can someone with experience with this please help me. I am using GNU ARM 4.1.1

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Anyone? Hard to accept that no one here every came across this problem. – binW Jun 5 '12 at 13:23

you can generate Position Independent Code [PIC] by supplying -mapcs-reentrant option to arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc and -Wa,-K option to fellow assembler. like:

arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc <other option> -mapcs-reentrant -Wa, -K <other option> files..
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You need to write Position independent code, compiler/assembler has nothing to do with it. Your code on execution must check the load address using either "adr" instruction or "mov r0, [pc, #-8]".

There are dozen other things you need to do, Also the code may not be "completely" PIC, as in, it may choose to relocate itself if it wasn't loaded somewhere it was expected to be.

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