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I have used a jquery click function, its basic wrking is that when I click on one button a div will come down and on next click it will come back, based on visiblity check. I have pagination implemented for my webpage and the webpage displays search results. The button is displayed next to each search result. When I click on set of buttons in the first page, it will work fine, when I go to second page, it will nt wrk, instead it will open up and then close. Will add the code here

$("#attachment").live("click", function() {
    attachmentRow = $(this).attr('class');
    //class value==att0 - 9 unique for each button
    attachmentRow = attachmentRow.replace('att', '');
    if (typeof results.hits.hits[attachmentRow]._source.Attachments != 'undefined') {
        if ($(".attDrop" + attachmentRow).is(':visible')) {
            $(".attDrop" + attachmentRow).empty();
            $(".attDrop" + attachmentRow).hide();
        } else {
            $(".attDrop" + attachmentRow).show();
            var attachmentRowLength1 = results.hits.hits[attachmentRow]._source.Attachments.Attachments.length;
            for (var j = 0; j < attachmentRowLength1; j++) {
                $(".attDrop" + attachmentRow).append("value");

The template part is as follows

<script id="srchTemplate" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl"> 
<div style="width: 700px; float:left; margin-bottom:15px;"><a href='${_source.HtmlRefName}' target='_new'>
<div id="Title">${_source.FilingCIK}</div><div id="Title">${_source.formType}</div></a>         
<div class="att${getNextname()}" id="attachment">Attachment Present</div></div>
<div style="width: 700px; float:left; margin-bottom:15px; padding-bottom:10px; border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;">
<div id="formType">${_source.ParentformTypeCategory}</div><div id="date">Filing Date: ${_source.DateFiled}</div></div>
<div class="attDrop${DropgetNextName()}" id="realAttachment"></div>
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Make a JSFiddle, you'll have better answers, and we'll can see the problem. And please format your code, it's unreadable.. – Val Jun 5 '12 at 8:18
Observation: live() is deprecated as of jQuery 1.7+. Use on() instead – davidaam Jun 5 '12 at 8:21
on doesnt change anything.. – user1371896 Jun 5 '12 at 8:29
Did you try replacing live with on ? live is deprecated as of 1.7 – AhamedMustafaM Jun 5 '12 at 8:29
yes I did, bt it didnt change anything.. – user1371896 Jun 5 '12 at 8:32

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