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I am using git-svn (from cygwin) and I've done several git commits on my local. I've already done git svn rebase and it checked out the latest changes in SVN and it successfully merged with my local git copy.

C:\src\git\MyProject>git svn rebase
Current branch master is up to date.

C:\src\git\MyProject>git status
# On branch master
nothing to commit (working directory clean)

C:\src\gitsvn\MyProject>git svn dcommit
Committing to http://mysvnrepo/svn/MyProject ...
        M       .gitignore
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/file_1.html
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/js/file_2.js
        A       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/js/file_3.js
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/js/file_4.js
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/js/file_5.js
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/file_6.html
        M       trunk/module/src/main/webapp/file_7.html
Path is not locked: No lock on path '/svn/MyProject/!svn/wrk/0c6b9b9e-3155-41d8-aa30-979cc5815cee/trunk/module/src/main/webapp/file_8.html' (Status 423 on PUT Request): Server sent unexpected return value (423 Locked) in response to PUT request for '/svn/MyProject/!svn/wrk/0c6b9b9e-3155-41d8-aa30-979cc5815cee/trunk/module/src/main/webapp/file_8.html' at /usr/lib/git-core/git-svn line 922

Any ideas what went wrong?

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Had to do an svn unlock to fix this.

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