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I am trying to write a custom grid in jquery so took a look at jquery plugin development. In it I assigned headers for the grid and want to assign rows, but need help with assigning values to rows.

var headers=new Array();
headers=["Name","Host Name","Description","Type","Last Update Time"];

I thought of creating a array of maps like below, which will get assigned as rows in my grid, but need help in understanding how to assign. Similar to headers these rows can be generic.

var myrows = [
                {cfgid:0, name:"Lukas Arts",host:"baxton", description:"test",type:"Dev",updateDate:"Thu Apr 26 04:31:10 IST 2012"},
                {cfgid:1, name:"Adiga",host:"beetle", description:"test",type:"Dev",updateDate:"Fri Apr 27 07:21:43 IST 2012"},
                {cfgid:2, name:"Max Miller",host:"barry", description:"test",type:"Dev",updateDate:"Mon Apr 16 04:11:40 IST 2012"}

This is the code

jQuery.fn.abcGrid = function (tableid, heading, data, options) {
    abcoptions = jQuery.extend ({
    tableCss: "tableForms",
    tableHeaderCss: "tableHeading",
    label: "Informatica CSM",
    header: heading,
    rows: data
    }, options);

    var ele_table='';
    var ele_table_start='<table id="'+abcoptions.tableid+'" class="'+abcoptions.tableCss+'"><tbody>';
    var ele_table_end='</tbody></table>';
    var ele_table_header='';
    var ele_table_row='';

    var tempHeader='';
    var tempRow='';

    /*Table header creation*/
    for(var i=0;i<abcoptions.header.length;i++)
        tempHeader+='<td class="'+abcoptions.tableHeaderCss+'">'+abcoptions.header[i]+'</th>';

    //it creates only headers properly

I call this code as

$('#updateDiv').abcGrid("tabel1", headers, myrows);
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Why do you assign a new Array() to headers, when you overwrite it with a new array on the next line? Just do var headers = ["Name","Host Name","Description","Type","Last Update Time"]; – Martijn Jun 5 '12 at 10:07
@Martijn: ok thanks – Ricky Jun 5 '12 at 12:03

To get the value of an item in the map, you could do:


The rows[i] is your map -- you can place the key after the dot, or rows[i]['cfgid']

-- Edit: renamed header to rows.

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"The header[i] is your map" I think you mean myrows – abi1964 Jun 5 '12 at 12:06

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